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Stego Saws Acquired ASKO's Hunter Saw Blade Business

 Dear Friends!


We are pleased to announce Stego Saws' acquisition of ASKO Inc.’s circular saw blade business.  Procuring ASKO’s saw blade business will substantially expand Stego Saws’ presence in the saw blade market.  The addition of ASKO’s circular saw blade technology will expand our product line allowing Stego Saws to offer one of the broadest portfolios of circular saw blade products in the industry.


This acquisition affords Stego Saws limited use of the ASKO Trade Name and Trademark in the manufacture, service, and sale of saw blades in North and South America.  The agreement permits Stego Saws’ use of the ASKO Trade Name in connection to the Hunter saw blade business for a period of one year, subject to renewal.  Stego Saws will continue to produce and service this product line per ASKO’s standards.


Stego Saws Inc. was established in 2011 as a US subsidiary of Tangshan Metallurgical Saw Blade Co., Ltd. – TANGSAW.  For over 50 years, TANGSAW has been serving metal industries with customers on all five continents.  Engaging an 80% market share in China, Supplying More Value is a key focus for the company.  Continually growing, we have expanded with production facilities in Germany and the USA.


As with ASKO Inc., our circular product line includes hot cutting and cold cutting saw blades.  Stego Saws provides the additional offering of tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) and high speed steel (HSS) segmental saw blades.  We excel at custom product – offering a total service package.  Stego Saws is proud to offer our extended product line and services and we are committed to providing a seamless transition of business from ASKO Inc.  We guarantee to meet or exceed your expectations as your new circular saw blade provider.


Stego Saws would consider it a privilege to do business with you.  We pledge cost savings, improved cutting quality and uncompromised service.  We look forward to meeting you!


     Stego Saws is committed to serve the metal cutting industries with the best quality, the lowest price, the fast delivery and the most responsible services.
       With our future-oriented technology, advanced equipment, continuous innovations, and considerate services, Stego Saws is proudly supplying the American market with four kinds of industrial circular saw blades for more than 1,000 specifications. Our product catalog includes metal hot-cutting, metal cold-cutting, carbide tipped circular saw blades and high-speed steel segmental circular saw blades. We also take custom designs to make the saw blades fitting your machine and satisfying your needs.
       With our high quality and low price products, your 100% satisfaction is promised. Just give Stego Saws a call.

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