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Stego Saws is committed to serve the metal producing and processing industries with the best quality, lowest price, fastest delivery and the most dependable services.

    With our future-oriented technology, advanced equipment, continuous innovations, and considerate services, Stego Saws is proudly supplying the North and South American markets with a wide range of metal-cutting circular saw blades. Our product catalog includes hot and cold (friction) cutting saw blades, carbide tipped saw blades and high-speed steel segmental saw blades. We create custom designs to make the saw blades fit your machine and satisfying your needs.

    With our high quality and competitively priced products, your 100% satisfaction is promised. Just give Stego Saws a call.





First Stego Saws Agent Conference

Stego Saws succussfully held the first agent conference during Oct. 14-16.

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Stego Saws, Inc.

Stego Saws is a Greater Pittsburgh based company fully owned by TANGSAW, the largest saw blade company in the world. We started to service customers by acquiring the Hunter circular saw blade business from ASKO Inc., which was one of ...

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